Grab a stack of business cards, press your best suit, and start practicing your elevator pitch: LORE Systems’ is hosting the fall forum edition of their critically-acclaimed Big Idea CONNECTpreneur event. For those unfamiliar with the CONNECTpreneur event held in June, this is probably one of the biggest networking events for entrepreneurs, investors, angels, and VC’s. The event will have over 210 attendees that will include 120 of the region’s most seasoned and celebrated CEOs and presidents, as wellas over 40 of the region’s angels and VCs. To sum up why this is a must-attend event, I have been able to articulate the reasons for attending CONNECTpreneur into three succinct points:

1. This is the Networking Jackpot – This is an amazing networking opportunity (if not the best) in D.C. that will put you in direct contact with some of the region’s most experienced entrepreneurs and CEOs, as well as a plethora of prospective investors and VC’s that are on the lookout for the next big startup. This place is a powder keg for potential contacts and successful business partners.

2. You Get to See 8 of DC’s Hottest Companies Pitch – Whether you’re gauging your competitors, looking for companies to invest in, or even comparing your own deck and pitch to those at the event, CONNECTpreneur will have eight up and coming early-stage companies giving presentations at the event. The companies span across a variety of industries including social media, e-commerce, cloud and infrastructure, healthcare, and B2B platforms, so there’s definitely something for everybody.

3. Guaranteed Quality of Attendees, and Little to No Service Providers – I hate getting inundated in business cards I’ll never call as much as the next guy, so the fact that LORE Systems is going out of their way to ensure only the highest caliber of entrepreneurs, investors, and companies attend the event says a lot about the quality of people that will be at CONNECTpreneur. You’re pretty much guaranteed to only encounter the cream of the crop of business contacts in the D.C. region, a feat that few networking events can boast.

Be sure to buy tickets and register as soon as you can, and I can’t wait to see you all there.