Image via Uber

Uber wants to vaccinate you against the flu this year. UberHEALTH as the program is called is just the latest of Uber’s many promotional gimmicks, but it’s unarguably the healthiest one yet. On Thursday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., anyone in D.C. can tap UberHEALTH on the Uber app and a registered nurse will come to your doorstep and give up to ten people a free flu shot, as well as pass out flu prevention kits. And, for every flu shot given, Uber is donating $5 to the Red Cross. It’s a clever acknowledgement of the importance of flu shots while still getting to plug Uber.

“We’ve been planning UberHEALTH for months and are really excited to see all the hard work from multiple teams at Uber come to life,” said Zuhairah Washington, general manager for Uber in D.C. in an email interview. “Thanks to Passport Health and Pager, we have dozens of nurses working with us in DC, NYC and Boston.”

It’s logical to wonder what’s better about getting the flu shot via Uber instead of at CVS or Walgreen’s or a doctor’s office. The promotion seems to be more for those who would forget about getting it, despite a fifth of the U.S. getting the flu every year. Awareness is probably a big part of the promotion, which could be why it’s just taking place in D.C., Boston and New York City today.

“We’re always exploring new and innovative ways to provide additional offerings to our riders, and we encourage them to let us know if they like UberHEALTH,” Washington said.

You can order your flu shot in D.C. via the Uber app today from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but even if you miss it, get your flu shot.