A group of University of Maryland undergraduates put together a spectacular hackathon this weekend, attracting more than 750 college students from across the country to take part in the 36-hour long event. The hackathon, which went by the name of Bitcamp, lasted from April 4-6 in Cole Field House on school grounds, providing students with the opportunity to collaborate with fellow innovators in creating brilliant new hardware and applications for mobile devices, computers or the Web. 

The whole weekend affair was a raging success, which you can easily see by just taking a look at the 106 project submissions made to Bitcamp as the event came to a close on Sunday. That said, before you try to sift through all of the ideas involving coding ingenuity and high-tech gadgets, check out our top 11 choices for the best startup concepts to come out of Bitcamp. This is just a taste of the amazing products created by college students