Testudo – that 300-pound bronze terrapin statue on University of Maryland’s campus filled to the brim with 700 pounds of cement – was set ablaze on Wednesday for reasons unknown. Luckily the mascot involved in an early-morning fire survived the torch and doesn’t even look as if its been damaged, despite what would be assumed from this photo:

University police officers responded to the flames at just around 1 a.m. on Wednesday outside of McKeldin Library, quick to discover that the “offerings” students had left for their good luck charm – like notes, food and cigarettes – were set ablaze and then extinguished right before officials arrived on the scene.

Apparently nothing can destroy Testudo, though, for the mascot escaped without a scratch. Which makes sense seeing as the statue is made up of 700 pounds of cement.

“I am happy to report that there was no damage to Testudo in front of McKeldin,” said UMD President Wallace D. Loh on Twitter. “Testudo is ready to continue supporting our #UMD community!”

Even though he wasn’t burned to the ground, Testudo still received quite the outpouring of love. #PrayforTestudo went viral and this picture made the rounds:

Because a little Vitamin C and a book meant for three-year-olds cures everything, right?

Well, breathe easy, UMD, your iconic mascot is alive and well.

Image via @CarringtonReev1