Urgent.ly, the Northern Virginia-based startup disrupting the roadside assistance industry, announced Thursday seed investment from McLean’s Blu Venture Investors, Herndon’s CIT GAP Funds and various local angels. The platform takes the Uber model of real-time, on-demand crowdsourcing, but instead of seeking a ride, users request the nearest help during a roadside emergency.

Urgent.ly CEO Chris Spanos described how companies like Lyft, Uber and Hailo are “making mobile phone’s like remote controls. There’s no reason roadside assistance should be any different.”

Enter: Urgent.ly.

Now, the seven-person team based out of Ashburn’s AOL Fishbowl Labs will mostly use the capital to scale out its services here in the DMV area and to other Mid-Atlantic regions.

Spanos said this round came after months of close-beta testing the app in the Northern Virginia area. The former AOL employee said they were also able to acquire an”asset” that connected them to thousands of premier roadside assistance agents throughout the nation. That, he said, gave them the leverage to pursue funding and rapid scaling in the near future.

While Spanos did not disclose the amount of the seed funding, he did describe it as a sizable one. Nevertheless, he was modest about the company describing its main pursuit as “being transparent in providing quick and on-demand roadside assistance.”

Image via Friendlydesign.co