The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business is on a role this year. First the prestigious Charlottesville institution ranked No. 30 on Business Insider‘s list of the world’s best business schools. Then it was named home to the world’s fourth best full-time MBA programs by The Economist. And now, for the first time ever the Darden School of Business made its debut in Bloomberg Businessweek‘s top executive MBA programs of 2013.

While student satisfaction with EMBA programs across the board dropped 6 percent this year compared with 2011, and the average price of an EMBA at a top-10 program jumped substantially to $125,000 ($129,900 total tuition at UVA), the Darden School of Business still managed to acquire the No. 13 spot on Bloomberg Businessweek‘s list.

It’s an exceptional feat the school should be proud of, especially given the fact that nearly 40 percent of EMBA students these days are footing the entire bill for their degree. Darden EMBA students must really believe in the value of an education at UVA or else they wouldn’t let themselves suffer financially under such a tremendous amount of loan debt. Darden’s inclusion on Bloomberg Businessweek‘s ranking speaks to the university’s ability to meet students’ expectations, giving EMBA graduates the education they need to succeed after moving their tassel from left to right.

As for how Darden fared According to Bloomberg Businessweek‘s methodology, the EMBA ranking was based on surveys of EMBA graduates, which asked questions about teaching quality, career services, curriculum, among other topics necessary to assess what their entire MBA experience was like. A poll of EMBA directors was taken into account as well, which asked them to identify the programs they consider the best and rank them from one to 10. You can check out the full methodology here.