Ever wonder just how comparatively busy your local Metro station is?  A new GIF (above), put out by KentonNgo.com using data provided by WMATA shows where people are going on the D.C. rail system at any given hour.  A red circle denotes more people exiting a station than entering one, a green one the opposite, and a clear circle denotes equal entries and exits.

Union Station seems to rival just about any other station in terms of traffic– though its traffic that’s evenly split throughout the day between people coming and going.  That would seem to make sense as Amtrak trains arrive and then shortly depart again.

You can watch as the circles grow as people flood into the downtown areas of the city, with especially large concentrations around Farragut Square, and major clusters near Metro Center and Foggy Bottom.  This will come as no surprise to anyone who commutes on a regular basis considering the number of offices located there.  According to Kenton Ngo, the Red Line actually has more people exiting a train at any hour of the day than entering one– but good luck figuring out how they’re getting home.

As far as the suburbs go it appears that the subway is used primarily for transport into the urban core and Park and Ride stations get used heavily.  Vienna, W. Falls Church and Franconia-Springfield all get big, early morning bursts of traffic before staying quiet until the end of the day.

Let us know if there are any other interesting trends you see in the comments section!