Brace yourself: the D.C. winter snow storm panic is coming. People in the D.C.-area are prepping themselves for what is looking to be the last chance of decent snow fall this region will get as we move from winter to spring. Various weather centers are predicting snow fall to hit between six to 10 inches in the western parts of the D.C. Metropolitan region, including a good amount of snow accumulation in D.C. proper itself. 



An official winter storm warning has been issued for the following areas between the times of 8:00 pm Tuesday to 3:00 am Thursday for the following Virginia counties which are each expected to get between six to 10 inches of snow:

  • Loudon County
  • Culpeper County
  • Fauquier County
  • Madison County
  • Orange County
  • Nelson County
  • Albemarle County
  • Greene County
  • Rappahannock County

D.C. itself is expected to get anywhere between three to seven inches of snow and Southern Maryland is predicted to be hit with anywhere between one to three inches of snow with several weather stations forecasting up to five or more inches.

The storm will first start out as rain on Tuesday evening, and eventually it will transition into a wintry mix of ice, snow, and rain until it turns into complete snow fall by Wednesday evening with particularly heavy bouts of heavy snow at times.

What makes this particular snow even more exciting for D.C. folk is that it’s not your typical type of fluffy sweet powder you encounter when you hit the slopes snowboarding; on the contrary, it’s actually going to be what is described as ‘heavy wet snow’ which is thicker than normal snow and even more difficult to shovel. 

“Yeah, heavy snow that’s impossible to shovel, awesome!”…said no one ever.

The worst part about it all is that accumulation won’t really matter since the snow is expected to quickly compact and turn into a disgusting wintry cocktail, essentially making walking around D.C. akin to walking inside a 7-11 Slushie.

As D.C. yet again gets stuck with the short end of the stick, we here at InTheCapital still advise that everybody should try to drive as safely as possible when commuting on Wednesday around the region.

Stay warm out there folks, and stay safe!