If I had to pick one of my favorite tourist attractions in D.C., it would have to be the National Zoo. Despite the fact that it is a bit of a tourist trap at times during the peak of the summer season in D.C., it still retains a magic to it that mesmerizes both D.C. residents and non-residents alike. Much of the charm of the zoo must be attributed to the animals, who not only seem to consistently do something incredibly cute and adorable that not only make the most hardened people go ‘awww’, but they really do seem to have a rapport with the crowds that visit the zoo to see them.

Case in point: this particular sea lion that actually showed some concern when a little girl trips and falls.



In the video, you can see a little girl in a princess costume (which is already adorable enough) running around before she trips and falls. The sea lion, which seemed to be quite comfortable gliding around the pool, stops and actually looks like it’s checking to see if the girl is alright.

Pretty damn heartwarming, and definitely one of the cutest videos you’ll see this week.

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