Editor’s Note: You probably figured from this out from the title, but this is DEFINITELY not safe for work.

Yesterday afternoon, a video was uploaded to YouTube that captured a caucasian male on a busy green line Metro train entering a verbal altercation with other commuters due to the fact he referred to another African American woman on the train with the ‘N-word’. The disbelief of other commuters to the man’s ignorance, and his consistant inability to recognize his error in using such an inappropriate, ignorant, and salacious slur resulted in a physical altercation at the end of the video.

According to a comment left by the original uploader, YouTube user Sarah Fox, the event unfolded as so:

The guy was pushing people when he entered the train, he called the black lady in front of him a Nigger, and that’s when I started recording him. He swung at me and knocked my phone out of my hands. After that…….well, let’s just say, it SHOULD have been a lot worse than it was. But there were kids nearby, so the fighting was broke up, before too much damage was done.

The video is quite shocking, and be forewarned there is gratuitous language used.

H/T – UnsuckDCMetro