Welcome to #WMATA Tweets of the Week, where I take the finest tweets using the #WMATA hashtag and curate them here for your viewing pleasure.

This week in #WMATA, there were a lot of people tweeting about the many awkward moments you can encounter riding on the Metro. Whether it be somebody looking over your shoulder while you read your email, or a person sitting next to you when the train is completely empty, or even the man in a bunny suit that enters the Metro station: you never know what to expect when you ride the rails.

My favorite tweet (close call, almost gave it to the guy in the bunny suit) has to go to Elliott H. who tweeted about a very rude man staring at him as he sent out a private email whilst reeking of cheap perfume. Don’t worry Elliott, I’ve encountered my fair share of those guys when I ride the Metro.

Enjoy the tweets folks!