There’s nothing quite like going to a summer baseball game; seeing your favorite team play, having a few beers with friends, and oh yeah, getting hit in the face by a stray baseball. A woman was at a Washington Nationals/Los Angeles Dodgers game when a stray foul ball glanced off a bat and made a beeline right for her face. And of course, Deadspin made a GIF of it.

The ball was hit off the bat of the Dodgers’ Jerry Hairston Jr. around the ninth inning last night, bouncing off his bat at an angle and going right behind him to the people sitting near home plate. Typically there’s netting there to stop any sort of ball from getting through but the ball seemed to go right through it and hit her. Luckily she had her left hand up near her face when the ball was hit, otherwise she would’ve gotten direct face-to-ball contact.

The woman wasn’t seriously hurt, and apparently the guys around her were chivalrous enough to come rushing to her side to make sure she wasn’t badly injured. You can catch the full video of it below.