Since Minne Inno’s launched earlier this year, we have had a number of people from the Twin Cities’ tech and startup community contribute posts to our site. These stories covered a variety of topics, ranging from legal advice to mental health.

Here are our top five guest posts from 2017:

How Rise of the Rest Affects ‘The Rest’

Victor Gutwein, founder and managing director of Midwest-focused venture capital firm M25, shared his thoughts on how Steve Case‘s “Rise of the Rest” fund could positively and negatively impact the region’s startups. READ MORE

HabitAware’s Founder on Supporting Mental Health at Work

Startup founder Aneela Idnani told readers about her own struggle with mental health issues, and offered suggestions for how employees could address mental health in the workplace. READ MORE

Three Steps to Big Results

Kristen Heimerl, the Minnesota Cup‘s 2016 mentor of the year, discussed how to put the big ideas found in business books to work every day. READ MORE

The Midwest’s Role in Driving Agriculture Innovation

In the same way that the Midwest is core to us, agriculture is core to the Midwest. In November, Katherine Schulman, an associate with M25, broke down the findings of a study examining the Midwest’s role in creating innovative agricultural technology. READ MORE

Ask a Lawyer: Local Law Firm Answers Your Startup Questions

In the first installment of our Ask a Lawyer series from October, attorneys from Minneapolis law firm Nilan Johnson Lewis answered startup questions about hiring, salaries and employee etiquette. READ MORE