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Have you been wondering what might be going on in our state in the burgeoning area of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain? Well, I have, too!

Luckily I met a guy recently who filled me in — bigtime. He reached out to me on LinkedIn, and I was glad he did. His name is Stephen Gornick and, just a couple of months ago, he relocated back here to his home state from California. He’s an accomplished techie, and he’s been involved in this space for several years. I’m pretty sure I haven’t met anyone with more knowledge about this field than Stephen.

So, I was delighted to learn more from him about all the startups, projects, meetups, and more already happening, right here in our state. The amount of activity shocked me! It’s a list he compiled from research he did upon returning here, as a way to get connected back into our tech community.  Stephen also has set up a Twitter account called @MinnFinTech — so, follow him there! He was nice enough to allow me to republish his great list here:

A List of Bitcoin and Blockchain-Related Organizations and Projects in Minnesota

by Stephen Gornick (LinkedIn)
  • Silicon Prairie Online/SPPX — a MNvest equity and debt-based crowdfunding portal
  • BanQu — Economic identities for the unbanked (ICO forthcoming)
  • Vault Logic — Digital Currency Payment Kiosk Network & ATMs (Coming Fall 2017)
  • Scryp — Currency of cooperation (Coming soon)
  • CBT Success — Pay For Success (aka Social Impact Bond), on the blockchain (Coming soon)
  • Nomics —Yahoo Finance for Crypto (Coming soon)
  • SSAYE (ICO forthcoming)
  • ParaShoot — Video platform (ICO forthcoming)
  • Bitkota, LLC — Lawyer on all things crypto (exchanges, ICOs, & more)
  • Sawtooth Lake Core —A Hyperledger blockchain project that makes use of a trusted execution environment
  • CTI Consulting — Buy and Sell Bitcoin locally with cash
  • CoCreateX — Built a Blockchain-based Thank You app and community
  • Watch My Bit — Video platform, though currently in hibernation
  • Strength In Numbers Foundation’s 2Give Coin — Social tipping platform

Events / Meetups / Groups / Meeting Spaces

Organizations or projects not based in Minnesota but have a presence here

List composed/curated by Stephen Gornick.

Stephen adds: “This is certainly a work-in-progress. Any additions, corrections, clarifications, or any other submissions are welcome. Please submit to me via  e-mail or via mention to @MinnFinTech on Twitter.”


As Stephen updates me with any further information, I will add it to this blog post. Meantime, if you’re interested in the topic, I’d encourage you to attend any of the meetups listed above. Maybe you’ll even meet Stephen!

Let me know in the comments what you might know about any of the resources on the list, or what you think of the list overall. Thanks!

Image via Pexels