This story originally appeared on the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal.

Code42’s office covers two-and-a-half floors in the 100 Washington building and prioritizes security and flexible workspaces for employees. And coffee.

The kitchen is located on the 20th floor and brings employees together with one specific incentive: coffee.

“We want to draw people there to work together, to eat together, to meet informally. Probably the most drastic way we do it is we have no coffee anyplace other than in that kitchen,” said CEO Joe Payne. “But in that kitchen, we have great coffee.”

The space includes nitro cold brew coffee and kombucha on tap, a gourmet latte and cappuccino machine and two single brew coffee machines. Three large refrigerators stock specialty drinks, teas and waters, in addition to a supply of bulk snacks, all available to employees at no cost. The kitchen also functions as an all-purpose room. Four screens and video-conferencing technology connect the Minneapolis location with the company’s other domestic and international offices.

Code42, which makes data-recovery software, moved its headquarters to the Washington Square buildings last year. Its previous home, across the Mississippi River at the Riverplace building, was a previous subject of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s Cool Offices series.

Video-conferencing technology is found in all 67 conference rooms in the office. The rooms are named after the company’s clients. Panels outside the rooms, which come in a variety of sizes, show employees when a space is checked out.

The office was designed to push people into large open spaces for collaboration, said Jon Gambill, director of facilities at Code42. Furniture is modern and versatile like the honeycomb-style workstations, which groups employees together, while providing substantial desk space for the user. Each desk is adjustable.

“It’s a really efficient work space,” Gambill said.

Whiteboard walls are found throughout the office and sound cloud baffles quell noise for teams that spend much of the day talking on the phone. More than 60 open gathering spaces break up work areas.

Code42 also takes office security seriously.

“Protecting our clients’ most valuable information is job No. 1 for us, so when we came to this space, the first thing we did was design our security systems,” Payne said.

The office has its own security team, while badge readers serve as an additional security measure. A space focused on all aspects of security at Code42 is called the Resiliency Operations Center. It includes a mantrap and two sets of secure doors, one of which reads fingerprints.

(Images via the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal)