Local developers at Minneapolis-based tech startup Praxik want to help you decorate for the holidays – in augmented reality.

Earlier this year, Praxik debuted Room Remix, its free augmented reality app that allows users to see how furniture looks in a room before purchasing it. If users find something they like, the app then connects them to Wayfair, an e-commerce platform for furniture and other home goods.

Room Remix recently added a series of holiday decorations to the app. There are currently nine options available, including Christmas trees. At the moment, none of the Christmas items appear to be connected to the Wayfair platform for purchase, but users can still move them around in a room to get an idea of how certain decorations would look in their space.

Interior decorating is becoming an increasingly popular application for augmented reality. Target rolled out an augmented reality furniture feature in 2017 for its new Project 62 home line.  Lowe’s, Pottery Barn and Houzz also offer similar features.

Praxik’s small team of developers specializes in building apps with virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities. The team has taken on a variety of augmented reality projects over the last several years, including an app for the City of Minneapolis that allows residents to preview planned developments in their community.