This week, the Consumer Technology Association will host its annual conference in Las Vegas, CES 2018.

It’s an opportunity for companies to showcase their newest tech to consumers and other businesses alike, and a handful of Rhode Island companies are making a showing this year.

We’ve highlighted those six enterprises attending CES below, with HQ location, booth number and descriptions provided by CES.

APC by Schneider Electric (West Kingston, 42943): “APC by Schneider Electric is a leader in power protection, keeping your sensitive electronics safe from harmful power disruptions. With a wide array of products that provide reliable power solutions your for home, business, or corporation, APC delivers certainty in a connected world.”

Bad Dog Tools (Bristol, 21964): “For 30 years, we’ve been making specialty and multi-purpose tools so good we guarantee ’em for life. Bad Dog Multi-Purpose Drill Bits drill EVERYTHING, patented Biter Drill-Mounted Sheet Material Cutter turns circles around other nibblers, HDII Cutting/Grinding is last wheel you’ll put on grinder!”

Denon Professional (Cumberland, 14740): “Delivering premium products for the recording, playback and management of multimedia signal sources, trusted by the most demanding professional installers and system integrators around the world for superbly-engineered quality equipment and innovative solutions to the most challenging problems.”

ION Audio (Cumberland, 14740): “Technology made simple: App accessories, conversion devices, and personal audio solutions. ION designs innovative products to simplify life and energize entertainment, taking advanced technologies and transforming them into all-in-one solutions that everyone can understand and afford.”

Marantz Professional (Cumberland, 14740): “A leading manufacturer of sophisticated recording/playback solutions for critical A/V users.”

RANE (Cumberland, 14740): “Manufacturers will always make claims, but the real truth is proven with time, in the hands of countless users. In the end, you are the best judge. Whatever your requirements, make sure you choose a product for its quality and reputation — it’s worth it. And if it’s a piece of Rane gear, we’re confident you’ll derive as much personal satisfaction in using it as we have from creating it.”