Rhody Tech Madness round three has ended.

What exactly is Tech Madness, you ask? It’s a reader-driven bracket competition a la March Madness that aims to champion and highlight local startups — 32 of them, to be exact, and they’ll face off bracket-style over the next few weeks until the winner is determined. See the whole bracket here.

Closes matches abounded: During this round, eNow beat VoltServer by one vote, and Upserve also edged out Care Thread by one vote.

For the next round, there is one No. 1 seed left (Upserve) that will face off with No. 4 Sproutel. And No. 6 seeds EpiVax and eNow will duke it out in the finals.

The next round closing tonight, April 9, at 11:59 p.m. Make sure to rally behind your favorite startup on social, during conversations with friends and of course, with your votes, so that it progresses to the next round.

If this is your first Tech Madness voting experience and are unsure who to vote for, worry not. Begin by asking yourself, “who would I invest in?” This answer is, by design, subjective. It could be based on who you think will generate the greatest return, or who’s mission is most aligned with your values and interests or who you’re simply rooting for. However you interpret that question is correct! Just remember, Tech Madness is about voting for one company and not against another.

Get your votes in below.