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American Inno is building the largest network of local innovation.

Through a portfolio of digital media and events properties that cover and connect a city’s startup and tech ecosystems, Inno is cultivating a national audience of next-gen business leaders and assembling a network of local innovation expertise.

In every market we’re in, American Inno strengthens local ecosystems through a daily newsletter, a handful of authoritative stories a week, and a number of engaging events annually.

Its daily newsletter, The Beat, is the best way to stay up to date on everything and anything that’s impacting a city’s innovation economy, including the fundings, funds, trends, topics, people, organizations and companies that are driving a city forward. If it’s local and innovative, you’ll read about it in The Beat.

On its site, AI publishes several stories a week, including profiles on first-time founders and serial entrepreneurs, deep-dives into emerging industries and legacy tech categories, data-driven lists on fast-growing companies and funding trends, videos on seed-stage startups and Fortune 100s, maps of coworking spaces and the best spots to celebrate a round, and more. As the source for local innovation, AI’s city sites have everything you need to engage with and learn more about your ecosystem.

Beyond supporting and covering the business leaders of tomorrow digitally, Inno connects these communities through a number of events and meetups throughout the year in each of its markets. AI hosts several focused meetups annually on individual trends and industries, as well as a handful of major events, including its premier awards show, 50 on Fire, and its March bracket contest, Tech Madness.

In nearly every city in the U.S, people are building and scaling businesses that are, or will soon be, anchors of their local economies. Inno is the only digital media and events company connecting, covering and supporting these local communities through daily digital and experiential efforts.

To learn more, please fill out the contact form below or email info@americaninno.com.

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